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Product Description

Ethio Cement produce quality ordinary Portland Cements ( OPC ) 42.5R -CEM-I; AND Portland Pozzolana Cement ( PPC ) 32.5R -CEM-II/B

Ordinary Portland Cement ( OPC )

It is a high quality cement where high early strength fast setting and high performance concrete is required . It can be used for masonry mortars and grouts. It exceeds all applicable chemical and physical requirements of EN 196-1 and ETHIO STANDARD ES 1177-1

Portland Pozzolana Cement ( PPC )

It is pumice mixed cement, cost-effective basic building material used in virtually all forms of construction , from hospitals , homes , schools and roads. Portland Pozzolana Cement exceeds all applicable chemeical and physical requirements of ENB 196-1 and ETHIO STANDARD ES1177-1